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January 30, 2008


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I awoke this morning with the thought that I needed to prioritize my list of goals for 2008. But before that one more thing needs to happen: WE NEED TO LOOK AT THE LIST AND be SMART.

Tip: So take a look at my list. If this were you and your goals, how long would it take you? Then read below as to how to make these goals actually happen. We are beginning to set up the ground work to make this happen. Like an athlete playing in any sport, there are rules to follow. This is nothing less.

How much time do you think it will take me to complete this task?

In order to think about this I need to come up with something called “SMART” GOALS:

S stands for Specific

M stands for Measureable

A stands for Attainable

R stands for Realistic

T stands for Time oriented

Tomorrow I will show you how this works.


January 29, 2008

Personal Goals

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OK, it was just before the stroke of midnight last night on Jan. 28 when I became aware that I never shared with all of you my personal goals for 2008. So as promised, here they are:

26. Schedule and make time with old friends

27. Increase exercise routine…i.e. walk with the dog

28. Recreate good habits…take time to eat breakfast and not on the fly

29. Take a Yoga class

30. Redesign early morning routine..make habit forming

January 28, 2008

An inspiration for others…My Goals for 2008

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Today is January 28 and I promised that I would give you my goals for the 2008 year. But before that I want to ask a question, “What is the most important aspect of making a goal?” It is that you show up and be accountable for taking action whether it be daily, weekly or monthly. So here I am.

The 2008 Goals below are in random order for a reason. They are simple a brainstorming of my mind of everything I would like to accomplish during this year. Some are loftier than others, but it does not matter. What matters is do they get done, how do they get done, and what plan is in place to allow that to happen.


1. Redo filing system for the business

2. Update personal files

3. Shred unnecessary health  files…kids, parents, us

4. make new website for ROCKING HORSE

5. clean out ever closet in the house: Corey, Sarah, Taylor, ours, laundry, bathrooms, kitchen, shop, living room, dining room, office, den, linen closet, 1/2 basement (WE DON’T HAVE AN ATTIC)

6. organize all the photographs from past years and put them in albums? on cd? or give to kids?

7. recycle all that is being donated: salvation army, veterans, consignment shops

8. sell hot tub

9. paint kitchen, den, back hall, buy new couches for den

11.choose fabric for club chairs, belonged to parents

12.clean out above the garage

13.clean out tool shed

14.clean out loft above the back-hall

15.replace screens in office

16.cut back trees and bushes from storm damage

17.simplify 2 garden beds

18.plant vegetable garden

19.redo stone wall

20.sort through EVERY drawer in the house, simplify

21.shred outdated house files

22.go through every file in all the file cabinets: shred, simplify, combine

23.give away furniture that no longer suits our needs

24.straighten out all items on the walls in the garage

25.recycle, dispose of all unused paint environmentally

26.clear, sort all and every shelves in the house




Tip: When committing to something…goals, project, any task.. write it down in your calendar/blackberry, laptop (whatever you use as a  daily planner) Why? because it does the following: 1. Jogs your memory, 2. makes you accountable for taking action and 3. starts the process of moving forward.

January 23, 2008


I have been asked by many of my clients, “how do I stay focused and maintain the momentum to complete a task or goal?” “How can I not be distracted?” “If I do, I set myself up for failure”.

Well, I have heard this so often enough now that I am going to do something that I never have done before. I am throwing the gauntlet down and making a pledge to myself. By Jan. 28 I am going to post on this blog my New Year Resolutions and all that I would like to complete by the end of the year….no matter how large or small. I am going to write in this blog each day (should technology and the newness of this blog not fail me) all of my failures, disappointments, wins, successes and tips that I came up with to complete my goals. What better way to show others of you out there what can be accomplished by setting the example. Through thick or thin, one way or another my list will be ticked off line by line. So stay tune…6 days until I unveil my own goals….

Yikes, what have I gotten myself into…

Warmly and with excitement,


Taking Baby Steps

Ok, now that the gauntlet is down to reveal to the world what my New Year goals/resolutions will be, let me say that in making this list:

It will be long…as I have a year to complete it. There will be more than 15 less than 25. There will be some that will have more time needed to be allocated than others; however, nonetheless they will be listed.

1. List will be created.

2. Beside each will be how much time I believe it is needed for me to complete this.

Tip: Read tomorrow as to why I say the above. Especially about time…


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