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February 1, 2008

How To Begin?

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Yesterday, I introduced you to the SMART goals. Here is what they mean:

 S stands for Specific. When you are put your goals forth, make sure that you are specific about what you want to get done. I want to #2. Update my personal files what do I mean by that? Being specific, it means that I want to:

1. discard all those papers that are not relevant anymore

2. put those papers that I wish to keep in newer files, if applicable (for example: if I have old report cards that belong to my eldest son, who is now 27, I think it time that he has his own specific box labeled with his name on it and the contents of that box listed. No need for me to hold onto those report cards.

Hint: When I go through his folder, I will sort out all the most important reports and comments from his teachers. I need not hold on to every homework assignment or note that came home. All of those unnecessary papers will be shredded. I have kept up with this task over the years, but sometimes it is best to do a review.

Recycling Tips: The shreddings can go to my daughter’s rabbit for his bedding or can be used for packaging material when I mail out a birthday or holiday present to someone.

M stands for Measurable. Is this a task that can be measured? How will I feel when this is completed? Answer, Great because I am 1/3 the way there going through my adult children’s files. It is important to me to complete this goal. For it cleans out the file drawer of unnecessary material.

 A stands for Attainable. Can this be attained? YOU BET! I can easily bring the file with me to watch the nightly news. Becoming a multitasker is not all bad.

R stands for Realistic. Is it? ABSOLUTELY! This is something I could do each night until it is completed.

T stands for Time Oriented. The big question?  When are you going to do it?  When are you going to start? Well, I guess I start tonight with Corey’s school files. The news is on and I can get started. Time oriented means picking that time and doing a little. Making it happen must mean that you will be specific about the times when this will be accomplished. How can any goal be reached if it cannot even begin? 

Hint: So I have marked in my calendar from 6-7pm “Go through Kids’ personal files”. I am showing up and being accountable.

How long do I think this will take me? Realistically? Two nights. 1-hour each.  2 hours of TV news listening and shredding at the same time. I will let you know the results of one night tomorrow.

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