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February 4, 2008

Furious Filing

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And you thought that I was not doing anything!! Never, not me. Want to tell you that the other night I collected all the personal files of two of our three young adult’s elementary schools,  high schools, colleges, etc. When lifting it up, my first thought was, “Oh my gosh, this box is so heavy there is going to be so much to do.” I took a deep breath. This was a choice I was making, and I was on a roll…. to keep going with this project.

Here is what happened: with a cup of coffee, fireplace burning next to me and the news at hand I was able to get through that box. 

 Hints and Tips:

1. Have a title heading “Your Child’s Name” at the top of your folder

2. Have a sub folder for those items that are dealing with your child and title each one

3. Here is an example: school report cards, special essays/letters, college, health, banking

4. Document, Important: copies of  passport, birth certificate, social security, health cards, etc.. (the originals should be in a safe

5. Grandparents: special letters/correspondence, photos

Recycle: Use some of those papers for kindling if needed, shred in the shredder (this is great as package filling), or recycle with your plain papers. As it is personal information, I would either shred or burn.

What did I learned?

I was very aware of how heavy the box of files felt as I carried it. Metaphorically speaking, it weighed on my shoulders as well. It was exciting to see the pile of discarded papers piling up…higher and higher! There was a real jolt of accomplishment and something that I had wanted to finish for such a long time. When all was completed, the remaining folders were lighter…readily returned to the file cabinet for my adult children to inherit. Yeah me!

Tonight I will do the third child’s folders.

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