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February 8, 2008


Accountability: (Goal #2) Last night before I connected with my FREE Conquer Clutter class, I sat in the den with my husband watching the news. Knowing that I needed to keep whittling away at the warranty, appliances, and vacation files, I found the time sitting by the fire to be a masterful way of multitasking. Job done, length of time….one hour. Files back into the file drawer labeled on the outside, “Household, Pets, Kids, Travel, Airlines, Important Documents, Computer.” 

What did I learn: When trying to accomplish a task that I don’t particularly like to do: especially the warranty and appliance folders (can’t get more boring than those), I felt more energized to be in the company of someone else. My husband and dog were there which made the chore less of a drudgery.

Hints/Tips: Throw out all those warranties that are outdated or appliance instructions for the appliance that you no longer own. Time to review what is in there. If you have the appliance, mark on the instruction page what the MODEL and SERIAL number are…if you have the date  when you purchased it (and even better, the receipt) staple those all together.

Recycle: When I came to doing the vacation file, I found I did not need three ski maps of a mountain or a brochure dated 1998. What to do? I use those for wrapping paper! Yup, I put them in the bottom of a bureau drawer which contains all wrapping paper, tags, ribbons, scissor, and tape. Perfect for some of those small presents. I love to see something different and cleverly recycled.

How To Prioritize/Combining Goals:

Pull up “My Goals” blog and take a look at the list. I will share with you how I begin to review the prioritization process of my own. Here is my thinking process:

1. what season are you in…what can be done now?

2. what can you do inside of your house that you can’t do outside?

3. make a notation by your goals of the month  this will be done

4. if there is a repair, which season do you need it for. Ex: screens needing repair? Fix in the winter, ready for the summer

5. paint rooms, do in the winter: less expensive and painters are looking for inside jobs

6. think of spring cleaning: fresh…renewed…go through closets and drawers

7. outside work waits until the late spring, like me if you live in the northeast

I review my list and make a notation of what needs to be finished by a certain SEASON. For example, #15, screens in my office. What a perfect time now to call and have them fixed, as I don’t open up the windows up here in the Northeast during the winter. Therefore, I make a notation of the Month that these will be repaired; March. They will all set and ready to go in the Spring.

Notice that some of the items can be done in the summer (# 12, garage is not going to be cleaned or sorted through in -2 degrees winter weather; I am hearty, but NOT my priority to freeze out there) therefore, I make a notation next to garage, do in the early summer months: May, June early July. # 24 and #25 will be completed with the Garage at the same-time. #13, tool shed to be cleaned out, same method applies, early summer. Again can be done even in the rain. These two jobs can be done one after another. Mark that. In the filing category: #2, #3, #21, #22 all have the same theme…just different jobs to be done. They could all be combined at the same time. For me this is a seasonal priority. I can do this while being snowed in!

Get the picture? If you are stuck, email me at

Taking the Weekend off, more next week: #29 schedule and make time for old friend, #30 redesign early morning routine…make habit forming

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  1. Thanks for this. Found your site when searching google for the exact thing!

    I like this blog, keep up the good work!

    Comment by Sasha — February 9, 2008 @ 10:20 pm

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