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February 26, 2008

Vacation Over, Back To Work

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“The fun is over”…time to go back to work. You must think that I have been slacking for the past two weeks. Well, to tell the truth, the first week I was on vacation with my adult sons and daughter…the second week, getting back on schedule.

Accountability: While away, in the back of my head I made a list of what HABITS I WANTED TO CHANGE. The first was:

1. To re-establish a morning schedule

2. To make myself commit to this action, even when disctracted by something that I would otherwise wish to do

Job Done: First thing was simply to make sure that our bed was made in the morning. Simple, yes, but not when I have a husband that likes to plop back on top of the bed to read his book before he heads out to work.

What I Learned: I timed myself, it would take me exactly 3 minutes to make the bed. Why was this three minutes so hard to come by….answer: there are so many other things that I want to do than to make a bed….a lot more exciting things to do. However, there was something that I noticed when the bed was not made, I never felt quite put together. You know the feeling….something is not just right. I have made it a point now for the past week to get up and not leave our room until the bed is made. I have to confess that it does make a difference in my attitude for the day. I am ready to go…knowing that I accomplished something that has been so hard for me to recomitt to. I shall keep working on it and it will become a habit.

Hint/Tips: In changing a habit, start with something small. Make sure that it is attainable. For me just these small three minutes each morning will begin to be a habit, something that I will want to continue to do. How lucky I have been to be able to have another pair of hands on the other side to share the chore….now it is down to one and a half minutes!!

Tomorrow: another look at the goals…and habits, working at whittling away the files.

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