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March 3, 2008


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To all of you out there, this has been a long and sad week for me. A very dear friend and old tennis coach of mine died of cancer this past week. To say that I have felt down is an understatement. I apologize for the delay in logging and posting my accomplishments.

What I Learned:

Sometimes when we make a promise to others and want to be accountable for doing that action, life gets in the way. Case in point, the death of my dear friend. How has it affected me and my goals…I have felt tired, withdrawn and not my usual upbeat self. This past Sunday, I participated in a wonderful celebration of women and their empowerment (WINGS) at the Marriott Hotel in Quincy, MA. The gathering was fruitful, amazing to watch, but I was not at my very best. My mind kept jumping back to Ric, knowing there was a celebration of his life taking place that day and I was not able to be there. I am attending his funeral today. My heart is heavy this morning as I write this. I share this with you because it goes to show that things do get in our way of progress and taking action. Situations happen which we have no control over; however, it is also the reason to not jump ship and give up on a goal. Yes, my week was full of lows, but it did not deter me from continuing on little by little to regain the steam of the earlier weeks. Remember, one step at a time…be kind to yourself. You will continue.


#15, Replace Screens is done! We are all ready for the Spring.

#30, Changing Bad Habits…yes, I continue to jump out of bed, make it and begin my day as if the bow on the present was beautifully tied. It feels more complete to me…and it is becoming a better habit.

#7, Took items to the Consignment shop last couple of weeks…and I received a check in the mail. SWEET!

#2, 21, 22 Files, discarded to the recycling pile all unneeded Paint charts from my Paint file, Kept any important info from my My Computer file, only one left to go in the two long drawer file cabinet is House files…here we go!

Hints/Tips: Reuse paper. When I sorted through my files I noticed there would be blank backs of 8-1/2  x 11 paper. Instead of recycling that, I chose to use it for copy paper. This copy paper would be for my personal use only. There was nothing personal or important on the other side; therefore, I could REUSE. How am I helping the planet?  On copy paper, trees, processing, fuel, trucking, and stocking etc…So instead of copying multiple single sheets…

Recycle: Reuse use both sides of paper! Cut paper in half to make shopping lists, telephone messages, reminders

What’s Next:


#5 Think I will begin to go through each of the closets, one by one…Spring is coming and it will feel good to recycle, remove and regain space. It is nice to be able to vary the goals from week to week. I can still continue to work on the paper filing again during the evening hours watching the news. That has worked well for me and it has not become drudgery.

#9 Calling Painters to get estimates to paint the kitchen, den and back hall. Better to do it now when the painters are not able to head outside for summer jobs.

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