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March 19, 2008

One Step At a Time

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Can’t believe that my last entry was 3.08.08, but then again, yes I can.

What I Learned:

Life can play funny tricks on us. I never thought I would feel so drained by the death of this friend. So here I am now, pulling up the boot straps and putting one foot in-front of the other. ONE STEP AT A TIME. I am being kind to myself and doing what it is that I can with the energy that I have left at the end of the day.


#21 shred unwanted house files……….DONE, DONE, DONE

 ….finished that last night in-front of the fire. Can’t tell you how nice it is to now have my fingers bleed as I tried in the past to cram one more thing into one of the “house files”. Realistically took me two weeks to get through this, but then again I found estimates from work to be done on the house going back to 1977.

#1 Redo filing system for the business… 1/2 way done

…again, great to sit by the fire and go through these files. Not been tended to since 2004. Reorganized, consolidated, recycled and reused back sides of paper.

#7 took unneeded items to an auction house and will receive a check this week…SWEET!


Go slowly when you have no energy. Be kind to yourself. Do one small thing to accomplish just one of your goals. You can do it!


What’s Next:

I am going to finish #1 goal tonight…YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, another one down! and start on #5…cleaning out every closet in the house. We have a cleaner here who is taking worn, good condition prom dresses. I asked our daughter Sarah if she would “recycle” any of hers. She said that I could take 2 of them, but to leave her favorite PINK one. Thank you Sarah….it will be appreciated by some lucky girl.

How are your goals coming along???

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  1. Nothing like having a real run of good weather and an empty nest to get into the thrill of spring cleaning.

    I have virtually turned the kids rooms into places for them to come home too, but they are also for my old (young) friends who want to come and visit and share the memories of our friendship.

    It is so easy to tackle clutter, now that the clutter is out of the house. It took a while to start in on the STUFF, but once you get started it goes like wild fire.

    When in doubt throw it out!!!!
    Sometimes it is fun to have my younger friends come over, because they just love to have my cast offs. I have finally come to grips with myself about letting go of the cute LITTLE outfits I wore in my thirties, it is called Teenile now. TeensvsSenile. It is ok to think you look great at 50+ but ok lets get over it. Middle age stands for MIDDLE age. What is that tire above my skirt. Muffins….Pretty

    Satch, I love your blog, it is funny to remember you on the third floor of oaks in spring time. To Dream the impossible dream and here you are. Keep going Girlfriend

    Comment by Jody Foote — May 1, 2008 @ 1:45 am

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