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March 29, 2008



#21, #1, #7, #2, #30, #15, #22, #26, #3, #7 ongoing weekly

 What I Learned:

I am amazed that nine of my goals for 2008 have already been complete. That is 9 out of 30!! Not bad and it is already March. The momentum continues and as I gather the next group of goals, I find myself like a steam engine…..this can be contageous.


#1 goal of Redoing my entire filing system for my business is now COMPLETE! Recycled 8 paper bags of paper!

#7 goal taking those unneeded items to be donated or on freecycle are constantly being tended too. Posted items on freecycle and they were gone in 24 hours….

Donated Sarah’s blue prom dress and an ecru chifon skirt. Took them to the dry cleaners where they are having a drive for prom dresses, they loved them! What a wonderful feeling to know that some girl will be able to go because of Sarah’s generosity.

Hints/Tips: Do a little at a time…one shelf, one drawer, one closet…take your time. It will get done.

Recycke:Remember to donate: here is a place for your books!!

What’s Next:

Have begun to tackle one shelf at a time in my office. By tonight I should be finished.

Living Room, downstairs bathroom, dining room will be next…one shelf, one draw, one closet at a time

So how are you doing?


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  1. always choose dry cleaners that uses organic based cleaning agents and detergent to help the environment,:~

    Comment by Polypropylene : — October 28, 2010 @ 12:05 am

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