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April 1, 2008



In the past week I have:

1. I have collated, hole punched all articles and photos of our son’s last 5 years on the professional freeskiing circuit. This has been something that I have wanted to complete for so long, but kept putting it off because it looked so daunting. And now here it is, labeled with tabs, so any other information can be easily entered. What a great feeling!!!!

2. All business files are done and each night before I leave the office the paper is filed


3. All books in my office have been organized by author’s name and categorized by topics


5. Tackled one of the cabinets in the living room. I stored financial papers which are no longer necessary to keep. Shredded them all. One cabinet down…three more to go.

6. Put four items on the freecycle list in the morning ….by the afternoon they were all gone, and picked up here at the house.

I am on a roll…………….

What I Learned:

One Step at a time….I know I keep saying that, but it is true. A little bit…just being able to reorganize all the books in my office, was a huge undertaking. But I did one shelf at a time. Less daunting to me that to take all the books out and see them in a huge pile. So figure out what works best for YOU.

Cannot believe the freedom I feel with having people take what I don’t want. Knowing that they can use them only spurs me on to do more!!! Even my husband is a bit scared to come home now, fearing what might not be here!

Hints: Recycling all the shredding materials to use as packing materials. Put them all in a see-through container or garbage bag (labelled) and store in the basement or by packing supplies. Will use it around the Holidays.

What’s Next:

1. Today is a warmer day, so I am going out into the Tool Shed, Goal #13 and working at freecyling all those extra garden supplies I do not need. If you don’t want to freecycle use

2. Will do another cabinet in the living room.

How are you all coming along with your projects?

Warmly and with motivation,



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  1. Sallie,

    I am so pleased that you are blogging about your steps to conquer clutter… I am so frustrated with my own inability to do that. In fact, I am in the most disorganized time I truly can recall in my entire life. Is this the storm before the calm?

    In the last year, I’ve gotten further behind, due to helping my father through an entirely too long avalanche of post-surgery health complications (I could write a cautionary tale with all I’ve learned about the healthcare system and our elderly loved ones but I’m too darn disorganized). Good news is that he is better now and even back on the golf course, something we truly never thought would be possible! Yet, here I am in a mess, trying to start a business (I had to put off a career choice when Dad was sick), trying to finish up multiple projects around the house… Calgon take me away…

    I’m going to review your SMART and commit to making it happen. I’ll be back for inspiration and instruction!

    Comment by Nancy — April 10, 2008 @ 6:10 pm

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