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April 11, 2008


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In the past week I have:

1. Kept my desk free and clear of “breding” piles of papers

2. No clutter is left on the kitchen or dining room tables, NOTHING!

3. Freecycled all the old record albums that I have not listened to in 30 years….so why did I save them, memories!

4. Dug out the potting shed and the tool shed.

5. Raked out all the gardens and simplified.


When I think back and wonder why we keep articles or items that we no longer use, why do we do it?

When it came to my records, I kept it because it reminded me of my youth, great days, freedom of responsibility. However, I still can here many of those songs on the radio today.  Being a creature who does like change, having them sprinkled amongst today’s “listening pleasures” are OK with me. So I the group and out they went to someone who really wanted them. I wanted the memories and no one can ever take those away.

HINT: remember or craigslist…both great places to declutter


1. Finish up on the potting shed

2. Do one more cabinet in the living room…three to go

3. UGH…better do the loft above the mudroom before the painters get here. That will be an undertaking unto itself.

So fun to hear from readers, let me know where you are in your own projects. Let me know if I can help.

With tremendous Spring Fever,



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