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May 5, 2008



#s 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 26, 30


#14 the loft above the mudroom is completely sorted, reorganized, and boxes labeled. all unwanted items were freecycled

#18 planted one half of the vegetable garden, other half to be done in two weeks when the weather is a bit warmer

#22 completed going through every file in all the cabinets: shed, simplify, combined

#26 all living room cabinets under the bookcase have been cleaned out and simplified (HUSBAND LUCKED OUT AND ACQUIRED TWO MORE CABINETS FOR HIS PERSONAL FILING)

#3 took more to the consignment store


At first I was daunted by the amount of stuff in the loft. As we do not have an attic or basement, much of the items we want to keep protected ends up there. Extra lampshades, pictures, small rugs, kids pottery, sentimental childhood items (kid’s personal ones), current paints etc. In my mind I sectioned off the space and did 1/4 of the area at a time. This made the space DOABLE and MEASURABLE. Remember the SMART goals: s-specific, simple; m-measurable; a-attainable; r-realistic; t-time oriented.


Again, my new best friend is When there is something I don’t need or could think someone would use it more than myself…on it goes…posted onto freecycle. During my last post, I thought I beat my personal best with someone instantly responding to a post. Well you should have seen the response when I posted a digital camera and printing dock!!! Yes, I could have spent the time and posted it for $ on EBay or Craigslist, but I find the sooner the items are out of here, the better I feel. TO BE ABLE TO MOVE AROUND IN THE LOFT WITH NOTHING UNDERFOOT is a breath of fresh air.


7. another batch to go to the consignment store tomorrow

25. call the Town Hall and ask them what their policy is on recycling and disposing of paints environmentally

How are you all doing? Would love to hear your comments.





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  1. Sallie,

    I saw your enewsletter and, after getting over the guilt of not having sent you an update after the organzing hour in May, decided to bop over to your blog. Time spent on guilt is truly wasted… I am going to try to take some lessons from it and continue to move forward!

    So, here’s my update, such as it is: I did accomplish my goal of clearing my den sitting area with a couple of ** for sure.

    *1 – some stuff was moved but still exists as a pile of paper clutter. No excuses, just reality and feeling of continued frustration. I keep visualizing how I will feel when the piles of paper are truly properly dealt with.

    2* – some new stuff has accumulated – That points to my need to put systems in place. Specifically, I need to work on a plan for sorting the mail daily as it comes in the house – I intend to involve the family in this. After all, where is it written on the job description that mothers automatically are mail sorters???

    3* – I have started using some ToDo lists on my new google home page. You can add little widgets (or whatever they are called) including the todo lists of varying types, inspirational quotes from various sources, as well as inspirational artwork and photography… Just don’t use too many as it seems to slow the computer a bit. The To Do lists across the top of my screen (one for phone calls, one for emails/computer/one for business/one for general errands and chores) is replacing a lot of paper clutter so I wanted to pass that tidbit along.

    Now YOU, you are still rolling along, girl! Curious – did you mention your plans for the cleared loft space?

    I’m going to try to listen in to your show with the Canadian couple into repurposing and such. It sounds like they will have a lot to share!

    Best, Nancy

    Comment by Nancy — May 29, 2008 @ 3:09 pm

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