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July 20, 2008


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I am moving further still!

#3 Taking more tomorrow to the consignment store

#20 Went through all my bureau drawers: how many short sleeve shirts does one person need?

Well here is what I did to solve that problem:

1. Put all the shirts on my bed

2. Sorted by color

3. Picked up each one, if there was a stain or soiled mark  I couldn’t get out….it is now designated for a “play” or “garden” shirt…therefore, an existing “garden” shirt that WAS in the drawer is now designated for the RAG pile. Off to the garage for those. GREAT TO USE ON THE BOAT OR CARS.

Hint: If one shirt goes into a pile to be replaced, than one must come OUT. 

4. Took all the furniture not to be used to the storage unit. Holding these for grown children.

To do:

#5 Tomorrow I believe it is going to rain…so I will hit Corey’s closet and mine.

Then the entire upstairs will have been done.

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July 18, 2008


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I have some very exiting news to share with all of you. This is so fitting for what I have been posting for the last 7 months now; my New Year Resolutions.

I and 7 other authors have just published an EBook called CLUTTER FREE AND CLEAR: TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR TIME AND SPACE, A How To Book To Simplify Your Life.

I am putting the link to the bottom of this post so all of you who are curious, can see what it’s all about.

or check it out on my home page of my website:

Let’s get you out from under…


July 14, 2008


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#S 1,2,3,7,9,10,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,21,22,24,26,28,30 (19 out of 30…11 more to go!)


#7 To more items to Salvation Army last week

#25 Completely tore through Taylor’s closet, now neat and organized

Room reorganized…new curtains, new rug (not brand new….an older one I had that I loved)

Drawers and closets cleaned out:

Dining room, kitchen: pots and pans, silverware, glasses, dishes, cupboards of food, utensils, table cloths; den, all underneath cabinets; laundry room, shelves cleaned, old socks used as rags and dusters

#10 Bought new couches for the den, to be delivered on July 20

#26 Continue to call old friends! and reconnect

#30 Making early morning habits stick!

#28 Making sure that I eat breakfast each morning and not get onto my laptop the first thing in the morning!!




Have you ever noticed “when one door closes another one opens”. For example, after spending all this time decluttering, ridding my house of all the things that we no longer needed…my husband’s parent’s house sold and the furniture needed to be divided amongst the three grown siblings. (There was a moment of panic when I thought of all the furniture and other stuff that would now be descending on and into the house…after 6 months of cleaning and clearing, ugh!). Here is where the door opened.

For years we had not used the living room because pieces of furniture were being moved from one place, it became the “storage” unit for my own family of origins furniture, nic nacs, paintings, etc…until I decided what to do with it all. I must admit the living room was not a high priority on my list. The thought of redecorating, covering and reupholster was daunting and costly.  We lived in our den which we always found to be more cozy with roaring fires, especially in the cold winters.

When Conway came back from selecting what he might like from his parent’s house, I was surprised to learn that much of what he selected would have been my choice too. AND THEY ALL WERE LIVING ROOM FURNITURE PIECES! Last night we had his family over for dinner, we used the living room for the first time in four years! It gave them and us great pleasure to see where the furniture from their past was now living. “Sallie, that looks perfect there, it was meant to be.” “Wow, I remember where that was in the old house, it looks fabulous here.” I know that they all had a first glance at spying one or more pieces, I am sure as they continue to return, they will trip over another piece from their past. Certainly seeing the pleasure on their faces made my night.

So just when you think you have cleaned out something and have all your ducks in a row, don’t be surprised if some other door opens. Greet it with enthusiasm and curiosity, you never know where it will take you.


I learned something new on Good Morning America today; it was all about the new movement to SWAP. As the economy gets tighter, more individuals are swapping their skills and talents for items. Example: a woman needed dental work but could not afford the procedure. It was her dentist that approached her and said that he would be more than happy to take care of her dog in return for the procedure. So check out craigslist or for more tips.


#7 To more items to Salvation Army last week

Move all inherited furniture to storage unit for kids’ future houses

Take painting to auction house

Go through my closet on a rainy day this week

Go through all my drawers in my bedroom

Redo and reorganize linen closet

#5 Tackle Corey’s closet…when that is done the entire upstairs will be FINISHED!!!

#3 Take more to the consignment store

#8 Hot tub fell through, so I need to try and sell that one more time

So what are you struggling with?

What would you like to bring into your life?

Remember be SMART: S-specific; M-measureable; A-attainable; R-realistic; T-time oriented



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