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July 20, 2008


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I am moving further still!

#3 Taking more tomorrow to the consignment store

#20 Went through all my bureau drawers: how many short sleeve shirts does one person need?

Well here is what I did to solve that problem:

1. Put all the shirts on my bed

2. Sorted by color

3. Picked up each one, if there was a stain or soiled mark  I couldn’t get out….it is now designated for a “play” or “garden” shirt…therefore, an existing “garden” shirt that WAS in the drawer is now designated for the RAG pile. Off to the garage for those. GREAT TO USE ON THE BOAT OR CARS.

Hint: If one shirt goes into a pile to be replaced, than one must come OUT. 

4. Took all the furniture not to be used to the storage unit. Holding these for grown children.

To do:

#5 Tomorrow I believe it is going to rain…so I will hit Corey’s closet and mine.

Then the entire upstairs will have been done.

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