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March 3, 2010


You are busy everyday. The world goes on, never stopping to breathe. Do you find yourself on a treadmill, literally or figuately? Many do. So how do you slow down? Do you even slow down on your vacation?

Here are a couple of suggestions to slow down. Think about one thing you wish to do, start small: massage, walk, sit and read or spend 15 minutes with just you! In order to keep yourself fueled, you have to revitalized yourself. If you can’t read a whole book in a week…start small, read one chapter! It is all about starting where you stand, start small and make the committment to yourself.

I am on vacation right now and am replenishing¬†myself in nature. Yesterday I took a 4 mile walk along the Snake River, seeing moose and soaking up the mountain air. I might have missed it looking around, but something inside me told me to look up. There above me was the most beautiful bald eagle. It must have been 15 feet above my head perched on the aspen branch. I stopped, camera out, clicking away…then I stood and spoke to it. It just stared at me, yellow beak bent low in my direction probably sizing me up if I were to be the next snack. I was taken by its’ curiosity of me. Our eyes fixed on each other. Its’ wings never expanded, content to be “hangin’ out” by the banks of the Snake. I took steps forward to continue my walk and noticed just by stopping and breathing in that encounter filled my heart with joy. When I met another human on the path, I would tell them of the eagle awaiting them and watched their eyes light up with excitement. I filled my soul with the wonderment of nature.

Now some people would not feel the same as I did, and that is perfectly ok. Find something to do that interests you, AND JUST DO IT. When you are emotionally refueled, you are emotionally available to others. So what’s missing?And how are you going to refuel?

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