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November 12, 2010

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I’m writing because I need your help. No, really I do, I do. I’m on a mission to get some more private label business for my little company Elemental Herbs [ ]. If I’ve never told you we make custom labels for all of our products so that other companies can sell them or give them as promo items. The biggest seller from our product line is Lip Balm. We have our USDA Certified Organic Original Flavor, Original with SPF12, Tangerine with SPF12 and Spearmint with SPF 12 too. So I just wanted to throw it out there to see if you knew of anyone or any companies that might want to sell their own line of herbal healing products or just hand out free lip balms with their names on it. Right now we private label for: Patagonia, Petzel, Merrel, Teva, K-Swiss, Internationally Acclaimed Talk Show host, Sallie Felton and about 100 other large and small brands. Sooooo Sal, if you know someone that might be interested let me know. I’ll work them a “wicked” good deal. I grew up in Maine so I can say that. 🙂 This is my nephew and I have Elemental Herbs lip balm. It is fabulous and I highly recommend it to others who want to use it for promotional purposes…so go ahead contact Burr Purnell at Elemental Herbs. You will not be disappointed! Sallie


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